An In-Depth Review Of The Website Builder – Boldgrid

Nowadays anyone can build a website if you know the tools and software that can help you in creating a powerful website. There are different types of web builders which technology has developed. Boldgrid and WordPress, these two words have been ruling the technology for some time now. Boldgrid is WordPress’s strong website builder. As per, WordPress is a great way to create a website. Today, with technical help one can create a good site without the line of code.

Boldgrid is considered as an extension to WordPress so that the website related jobs can become easier and it will be fast when you create layouts and pages. You can select a structure and design from the inspiration section of Boldgrid and implement it on your website. If you do this, your site will get a theme installed and instantly it will get populated with layouts and custom pages. The editor button which boldgrid possess allows you to add customized grids into post and pages.

You can also create multiple layout columns, boxes, text boxes, and images. Also, you will be able to move these boxes which mean that the layouts have got unlimited variation. If you want to customize the form of your site, you can select from pre-built forms, take it and edit, or if you want, you can create a new form from scratch.

Boldgrid search allows you to insert photos from your WordPress store. There is no need to edit the tool all you need to do is select the picture you want to insert and then select the size of the picture and then leave the rest f boldgrid, it will get downloaded automatically and then the image will be cropped according to your need. The only drawback f Boldgrid is, even though it is easy and very much fun when you use it, it is a bit difficult to start using boldgrid.

To start boldgrid, you need an Inmotion hosting account. Only after getting the account, you will be able to download boldgrid. After that, you need to validate the account. However, even if you might face difficulties in opening a boldgrid account, once you opened it, it will be fun to use boldgrid.

Once you get access to boldgrid, it allows you to install the WordPress sites s many as you want. There is no limitation kept for downloading if you are using Boldgrid. Boldgrid has so much popularity than others that it will not be easy to compare boldgrid with other web builders. But if you are a fan of WordPress, you might not look for any other web builders other than BoldGrid. The number of people who use Boldgrid is more when you take the number of people who use other web builders.

BoldGrid comes for free if you are using the Inmotion hosting’s shared hosting plan. WordPress when combined with BoldGrid and Inmotion hosting can create wonders in the technology and are the super ways to get professional websites. As of now, BoldGrid is one of the strongest web builder available today.